AkaiDisk lets your PC read and write samples on Akai floppy disks. It works with all S-Series samplers from the S900 to the S3200xl. It works with DOS and Windows 3.1, 95 but not NT. On recent Windows versions like ME and XP, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It depends on your computer and floppy drive, so if you have problems try to find an older PC to run AkaiDisk on. The Windows version requires vbrun300.dll (224k) in your \windows\system folder.

download akaidisk.zipAkaiDisk v2.2  (49k)

Frequently Asked QuestionsAkaiDisk FAQs

Technical details of Akai file & disk formatsAkai File Format Information

The following program converts .WAV files to S1000 sample files and lets you make and edit S1000 programs. It requires msvbvm50.dll (688k) in your \windows\system folder (you probably already have it).

Convert WAV files to .S and .P files for the Pulsar SamplePlayerS1000 Program maker for Creamware Pulsar (56k)

Intended for software developers, adisk4 allows transfer of all file types to and from Akai floppy disks in native format. Source code is included.

adisk4 (17k)

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Translator, CD Extract, Gallery Interpreter, Nexoft Samplitools - Read Akai CD-ROMs and SCSI disks
Creamware Pulsar, AWave - Use S1000 .S and .P files

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