DrumSynth builds sounds out of swept-frequency sine waves, noise bands, pink and white noise and complex waveforms. It can reproduce sounds from classic analogue drum machines and make entirely new drums, pitched sounds and sound effects! 

Example sounds (83k .mp3)

Download drumsyn.zip (32-bit) Download DrumSynth (168k)

Make sure that you "Use Folder Names" when unzipping to expand each kit into a subdirectory. DrumSynth requires Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / NT and needs msvbvm50.dll in your \windows\system folder (you probably have it already).

Screen shot of DrumSynth in action

Send me any comments, bug reports, etc.  Contact mda 

The best way to sequence DrumSynth's sounds  FL Studio   (FruityLoops can load DrumSynth .DS sounds)

Makers of the DR-008 VSTi  FXPansion   (DrumSynth technology is included in FXpansion's DR-008 VST Instrument)

Makers of the DR-008 VSTi  Stomper   (An alternative to DrumSynth with a different sound character)