Note that some of these programs were designed for Windows 3.1, so may not work perfectly with recent versions of Windows - usually they do, but don't waste too much time on them if you have problems!


A suite of real-time audio analysis tools for high quality measurements: Spectrum analyser and oscilloscope (with calibration in dB or Volts), Signal Generator (tones plus pink and white noise), Spectrogram, and Audio Meter / Vectorscope. A help file is included, but some knowledge of acoustics and signal analysis is assumed! 

Download Download WaveTools (209k) 

  • Requires Windows 3.1 or later and vbrun300.dll (224k)in your windows\system folder
  • To install, unzip into a new folder and make shortcuts to the .exe files if required.

     Another good spectrogram tool is available here

Screen shot of all the WaveTools programs

WAV Properties Extension 

Shows an additional page of information when you right-click a WAV file in Explorer and select "Properties".
Embedded information is shown as copyable text, and all the most recent data chunks are supported

Download Download WAV Properties Extension (57k)  

RIFF File Viewer

This program shows you the internal structure of WAV, DLS, SF2 and many other RIFF files and can be used to diagnose incompatibility problems and analyse file formats.  The most common chunks are fully decoded while unrecognised chunks are displayed both as both ASCII and numeric values.

Download Download RIFF File Viewer (16k) 

Requires Win95 or later, and msvbvm50.dll (224k)in your windows\system folder

Universal File Viewer

Screen Shot This program will never refuse to show you what is in a file!  Floats above other programs and accepts dropped files from Explorer / File Manager.  The unique combination of  'waveform' display and readout of ASCII codes and multi-byte values is especially useful for programmers working with audio files. This program is best placed in your windows\sendto folder.

Download Download Universal File Viewer (6k) 

Requires vbrun300.dll (224k)in your windows\system folder

File Attribute Stripper

Searches paths and drives for files with Read-Only, Hidden and System and Archive attributes, then lets you strip the attributes from the files you select. This can tidy up files copied from CD-ROMs (which are all marked Read-Only) and assist in defragmentation. This program is used at your own risk!

Download Download File Attribute Stripper (4k) 

Requires vbrun300.dll (224k)in your windows\system folder

Samplist's CD Player

Screen shot of SampleCD A simple audio CD player with special 'loop' and 'region' functions designed for use with samplers and hard disk recorders. Features include: 

  • Instant access to any point on a CD
  • Store 12 locate points on the function keys
  • Store and edit lists of one-shot or looping regions
  • Copy the disc's TOC and your own edit list to the clipboard  

Download Download Samplist's CD Player (37k) 

Requires vbrun300.dll (224k)in your windows\system folder

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