Drum replacer / enhancer

Contains three samples (kick, snare and hat) designed to be triggered by incoming audio in three frequency ranges. The plug-in has built-in drum sounds based on the Roland CR-78 but these can be replaced by the (advanced) user.

Hat Thr Trigger threshold level
Hat Rate Maximum trigger rate
Hat Mix Sample playback level
Kik Thr  
Kik Trig Trigger filter frequency - switches to "key listen" mode while adjusted
Kik Mix  
Snr Thr  
Snr Trig Trigger filter frequency - increase if snare sample is triggered by kick drum
Snr Mix  
Dynamics Apply input signal level variations to output
  • Monitor  - listen to input signal (return to this setting after making a recording)
  • ->Hat      - record input signal into hi-hat sample
  • ->Kik      - record input signal into kick drum sample
  • ->Snr       - record input signal into snare drum sample (note the snare sample is longest and can be stereo)
Thru Mix Allow some of the input signal to be mixed with the output

To record your own sounds, use the Record control to monitor the plug's input, then with the source stopped select the slot to record into, play your sound, then with the source stopped again, switch back to monitoring. This process is easier in an 'off line' editor such as WaveLab, rather than during a live mixdown in Cubase.

If you like the sounds built into BeatBox be sure to try DrumSynth (