Amp and speaker simulator

  •  D.I. (flat frequency response)
  •  Tradtional speaker simulator
  •  Small radio speaker
  •  Small combo (close mic)
  •  Small combo (far mic)
  •  Large stack (mic in front)
  •  Large stack (mic from side, scooped out mid EQ)

Amount of clipping (turn to left for soft, right for hard)

Bias Clip one side of the waveform more than the other for rougher or "gated" effects (use an oscilloscope plug-in to see what's happening)
Output Level trim
Process Defaults to Mono to reduce processor usage, even in a stereo channel.

This plug-in can sound quite subtle but comes alive when used on guitar with the drive turned up! Remember that distortion may not sound good on time-based effects such as delay and reverb, so put those effects after this plug, or after a separate distortion plug with Combo acting only as a speaker simulator.