Plug-in Reference

These plug-ins are designed to work with Cubase VST and other VST compatible applications such as Logic Audio and Peak on the Mac, WaveLab and FruityLoops on the PC and many others. 



Sound Design




To install, simply unzip the files into your \VSTPlugins folder, or follow the instructions of the host application. It is safe to overwrite older versions of mda plug-ins, but the sound or operation may be slightly different in some cases - keep a backup copy of old versions if you think this may cause a problem when going back to old material.

You may find it useful to move some into a different folder for off-line storage, or change some of the filenames as this affects the title and sort order in some hosts.

Copyright & Disclaimer

maxim digital audio (mda) VST Plug-ins are Copyright ©1998-2000, Paul Kellett (
Mac conversions by Glenn Olander ( and Brian Chrisman (
BeOS conversions by Christopher Lenz (

Based on the Steinberg VST PlugIn Software Development Kit which is Copyright ©1996, Steinberg Soft und Hardware GmbH.  These plug-ins are free software and are provided 'as is' with no warranty of any kind.  You may make and distribute copies. Check for the latest versions at   This file updated 21 October 2000.