Simple FM Synthesizer


Envelope attack time

Decay Envelope decay time
Release Envelope release time
Ratio Modulator frequency (as a multiple of the carrier frequency)
Fine Ratio Fine control of modulator frequency for detuning and inharmonic effects
Mod Level 1 Initial modulator level
Mod Decay Time for modulator level to reach...
Mod Level 2 Final modulator level
Mod Release Time for modulator level to reach zero
Vel Sens Veclocity control of modulator level (brightness)
Vibrato Vibrato amount (note that heavy vibrato may also cause additional tone modulation effects)
Octave Octave shift

Sounds similar to the later Yamaha DX synths including the heavy bass but with a warmer, cleaner tone.

The plug-in is 8-voice polyphonic and is designed for high quality (low aliasing) and low processor usage - this means that some features that would increase processor usage have been left out! Requires a VST 2.0 compatible host.