Simple 2-Oscillator Analog Synthesizer


Level of second oscillator (both oscillators are sawtooth wave only - but see Vibrato below)

OSC Tune Tuning of second oscillator in semitones
OSC Fine Tuning of second oscillator in cents
Glide Mode

  •  POLY    -   8-voice polyphonic
  •  P-LEGATO   -   8-voice polyphonic with pitch glide if a key is held
  •  P-GLIDE  -   8-voice polyphonic with pitch glide
  •  MONO  -   monophonic
  •  M-LEGATO  -   monophonic with pitch glide if a key is held
  •  M-GLIDE  -   monophonic with pitch glide
Glide Rate Pitch glide rate
Glide Bend Initial pitch-glide offset, for pitch-envelope effects
VCF Freq Filter cutoff frequency
VCF Reso Filter resonance
VCF Env Cutoff modulation by VCF envelope
VCF LFO Cutoff modulation by LFO
VCF Vel Cutoff modulation by velocity (turn fully left to disable velocity control of cutoff and amplitude)
VCF A,D,S,R Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release envelope for filter cutoff
ENV A,D,S,R Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release envelope for amplitude
LFO Rate LFO rate (sine wave only)
Vibrato LFO modulation of pitch - turn to left for PWM effects
Noise White noise mix
Octave Master tuning in octaves
Tuning Master tuning in cents

The plug-in is designed for high quality (lower aliasing than most soft synths) and low processor usage - this means that some features that would increase CPU load have been left out!

Additional patch design by Stefan Andersson and Zeitfraktur, Sascha Kujawa.

Please note that the mda JX10 is not related to the JX series of synths available from JXPlugins.

When Vibrato is set to PWM, the two oscillators are phase-locked and will produce a square wave if set to the same pitch. Pitch modulation of one oscillator then causes Pulse Width Modulation. (pitch modulation of both oscillators for vibrato is still available from the modulation wheel). Unlike other synths, in PWM mode the oscillators can still be detuned to give a wider range of PWM effects.

MIDI Control  
Pitch Bend +/- 2 semitones
CC1 (Mod Wheel) Vibrato
Channel Pressure Filter cutoff modulation by LFO
CC2, CC74 Increase filter cutoff
CC3 Decrease filter cutoff
CC7 Volume
CC16, CC71 Increase filter resonance
Program Change 1 - 64